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Instagram is THE best platform for marketing, here’s why!

If you have a brand and you want to share it with as many people as possible, promoting yourself on social media platforms is the right way to go, but that will surely cost a lot of money. How about saving both money and energy by choosing the single right platform. You got it right, Instagram it is, to and here’s why! Compared to other platforms, Instagram is entirely visual, it has a higher engagement rate and a better content display.

Visuals are the best way to communicate and deliver a message. Far from Twitter and Facebook where people share long statuses and posts, Instagram calls attention to mostly original photos and videos; It’s about lifestyle images for companies and brands; focusing on the quality and on the aesthetics which draws brand awareness. “Swipe and click” with a catchy title is all it takes to get your customers to dive into your Website.

With over 700 million monthly users on the platform, Instagram provides all types of businesses a high potential audience since it has the highest engagement rate among the rest of the platforms (Hughes, 2017). According to Chen (2020), “Instagram has become known as an ideal fit for e-commerce marketing. The platform is often used as the discovery portion of the sales funnel. 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform.”

Instagram has a better content display than other social media platforms. The reason lays behind the fact that “its clutter-free user interface, which thereby assures better customer engaging” (Lambert, 2019). Sure you can post the same pictures and videos on other platforms, but the distractions are endless! As stated by Lambert (2019), when a user checks his Facebook news feeds, he sees links, photos, chat screens, sidebars, and loads of other things. On Facebook, you'll look at four or five ads with one screen, on Instagram you're only looking at one at a time.

Whether you own a big company or a small business, or if you have an online shop and you want to sell a product, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must! (Hughes, 2017). Even the minimal investments on Instagram guarantee results. Don’t double think about it, we’ve got you covered! Contact us. References

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