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Relying on a single source of income? Might be time for a change.

Times are becoming harder than they ever were, and if there’s one thing that this pandemic taught us, it’s that we need to adapt. Not only to the new social regulations and everyday precautions, but also to the current online trends and behaviors.

In the span of only a few months, we’ve realized how important online tools actually are, discovering the different ways in how we can benefit from them.

In fact, the people who survived this pandemic and even grew from it were the ones who had a hybrid business: combining offline and online.

For example:

A coach who worked only at a local gym completely found himself out of a job when gyms closed temporarily.

Whereas a coach who worked at local gyms but also had a part of his business online, selling supplements on his website, offering online courses and sharing insightful videos on his YouTube channel, was not that affected by the crisis. His viewership number even increased after so many people started working out from home.

Therefore, having an online business turned out to be crucial in generating regular profit during tough times. Having a second source of income will ensure financial security, even when the situation goes back to normal.

How to choose the best extra source of income?

  1. Start by choosing a source that fits your lifestyle and personal comfort. If this second job will end up being too draining for you, especially if you have a full-time job, you won’t be able to stick to it and will eventually neglect it.

  2. Then, make sure to choose a source that has a growth potential and can allow you to make a considerable amount of extra profit. You need to also be prepared for the idea of not making any extra income at first, until your business starts to pick up.

  3. To avoid any extra stress, try to pick a source of income which you can enjoy working on. Look into your hobbies and passions and try to create a small business out of them.

  4. Your end goal should be to create a source that could generate passive income, even when you’re not giving it constant care and attention. Passive income is the revenue generated from a self-sufficient business, and requires little to no effort to earn and maintain.

  5. Finally, your ideal new business shouldn’t require a big financial investment, for you to be able to generate a reasonable amount of profit from it.

Building your new online business can be quite tricky, and demands a lot of time and hard work. This is why at Sweid, we’ve put together the perfect team of web developers, online marketers and creative designers to help bring your income-generating ideas to life. Contact us!


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